20 years of dental experience

The IMEX Dental Group combines high-quality products and convincing services to our dental clinic partner for the benefit of the patient.

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imex dental group

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IMEX®-Dental Lab Work

Competence and quality that pay off

TÜV-certified dental lab work "made in Germany" and quality dentures from international production. As one of the largest providers of dental lab work in Germany, we now produce quality dental lab work at top conditions with several hundred employees and with a five-year guarantee!

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made in Germany

How knowledge, skills and technology come together in an innovative product. Our top seller: Milled full zircon "made in Germany". As a crown or bridge in different qualities at top prices.

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The brand dentists

More than 1,000 dentists and more than 30 health insurance companies as well as private health insurance companies have come together to form this unique dental network in Germany. Patients, health insurers and dentists alike take advantage of the opportunities that DentNet offers you.

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DentNet Pro Surgeries

DentNet Pro is the consequent further development of the idea of the DentNet. At DentNet Pro, we enable selected practices to carry the DentNet brand outside and to use them in their practice signage and practice communication. Since these are selected practices, they receive the addition "Pro".

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We are your liaison between patient, doctor's office and statutory and private health insurance or health insurance! Our job is to minimize costs and optimize processes. We take care of invoicing in the checkout network, competently and expertly.

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Imex Dental Group


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