Imex Dental und Technik GmbH

Why your dental office and your patients can count on Imex Dental!

Imex Dental represents a global dental laboratory. Our philosophy to offer you and your patients the highest quality and great service at affordable prices (since over 14 years now) is based on an innovative, open mindedness, which draws on the resources of foreign markets.

In addition to our production in Essen, Germany, we run high standard certified labs in China.

Our continues high quality, the low pricing strategy as well as fast and reliable customer care has been appreciated by many of our dentists and Patients throughout. Strict quality control and excellently trained dental technicians make Imex the ideal partner for all kinds of high end dental destorations.

Price reductions of over 40% over regular market prices are appreciated by patients and increase demand in your dental office.

All dental restorations incur a price reduction of up to 40%. Why make compromises? Offer your clients the best materials, as gold alloys, zirconium and porcelain and rock bottom prices. Inquire on our special implant work, which we specialize in.