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In addition to the "classic" participation in DentNet®, selected dentists also have the opportunity to become a DentNet® Pro licenced dental clinic - with special added value services.

DentNet® Pro is a network of licensed dentists in Germany. With DentNet® Pro dental offices, insured patients can already see from the outside that it is a dentist participating in DentNet®. The DentNet® Pro marketing concept, which can be used free of charge, supports every dental practicianer in a targeted manner in terms of patient generation, external appearance, public relations, etc.

DentNet® Pro are modern dental offices with all the services and current medical diagnosis and treatment techniques of a dental clinic, such as teeth cleaning, implantology, treatment of anxiety patients, etc. By combining the DentNet® Pro practices in a network, synergies arise, which are one notable patient-oriented pricing strategy. We pay particular attention to the highest quality for dental restorations, but also on all other dental services of our clinics. In its latest independent study, TÜV Saarland rated the dental lab work used in DentNet® Pro as VERY GOOD (price / performance).

The advantage for patients is that the DentNet® Pro brand acts as a seal of quality. In DentNet® Pro, patients can be sure that they pay fair prices for high-quality dentures and have only small additional payments. Some dental treatments enable numerous patients to source them even without any additional payment on top of the insurance coverage. 1. All patients receive branded dentures with a 5-year guarantee.
Some of the 30 statutory health insurance companies take care of professional teeth cleaning for their insured up to twice a year.

DentNet® Pro -dental offices can be found on our Dentist search in DentNet and are specially marked dental clinics.


Or visit the website of one of our DentNet® Pro dental clinics directly at

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1 Only for participating health insurance companies, with a 30% health insurance bonus (10 years of properly managed bonus booklet), only applies to standard benefits from statutory health insurance funds.


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