DentNet - the brand dentists

One of the largest dental networks in Germany

More than 1,250 dentists and more than 30 health insurance companies as well as private health insurance companies have come together to form this unique dental network in Germany.
Take advantage of the options available to you in DentNet® as a patient, health insurance company and as a treating dentist.


The advantages of DentNet® for patients of participating health insurance companies

  • Dental lab work without additional payment or with a particularly low own financial contribution.
    No matter which dental solution you choose, DentNet® pays off for you. The savings of your own financial contribution can be up to 100% 1.
    As an insured person of a participating health insurance company and a bonus book that has been properly managed for 10 years, e.g. all prosthetic regular care measures are free of charge.
  • Up to twice a year, free of charge professional dental cleaning 2
  • Five-year guarantee on dental restorations instead of the usual two years
  • TÜV-tested quality


The advantages of DentNet® for participating dental practices

  • Most of the more than 30 DentNet® health insurance companies cover the costs of the Professional tooth cleaning once or even several times a year for their insured
  • The billing and payment of services via the network takes place within 72 hours after receipt of the documents
  • Insured persons are informed by their health insurance companies and referred to partner practices by DentNet®
  • More than 120,000 supplies are referred to DentNet partner practices each year
  • Inexpensive IMEX® dentures with a 5-year guarantee builds trust among insured persons, even enables regular care without additional payment 1 and without loss of fees for the dentist
  • A large number of the insured opt for high-quality dentures and implants because of the cost savings
  • More than 1.250 dentists are already participating in DentNet®


The advantages of DentNet® for participating health insurance companies

  • improved services for your insured
  • with DentNet® you have a trustworthy partner with extensive references in the German health insurances landscape
  • 5-year guarantee on dentures with significant price advantages and savings of up to 100% of the additional payment of your insured
  • Integration of additional network services such as sleep medicine, pregnancy tooth decay prevention, iKrone®, etc.
  • High quality thanks to 360-degree quality assurance model DentNet®
  • Cost-effective billing of network services via the management company Indento

Take advantage of our network. You can find more information about DentNet®, the dentist search in your area and a list of all participating health insurance companies on the DentNet® website.

 Link to DentNet Website


1 Only for participating health insurance companies, with a 30% health insurance bonus (10 years of properly managed bonus booklet), only applies to standard benefits from statutory health insurance funds.
2 Intensive prophylaxis according to the recommendations of the Federal Dental Association, only with participating health insurance companies, if this is offered.


·         Most of the more than 30 DentNet® health insurance companies cover the costs of the Professional tooth cleaning once or even several times a year for their insured