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The iKrone® Premium 3.0 and the iKrone® Classic 3.0 are pre-colored full zircon products with high flexural strength. In connection with their manual color refinement, they offer outstanding aesthetics for high quality standards.

All tooth shades can be reproduced and, thanks to additional individualizations, perfectly adapted to every patient. The material zircon is biocompatible and therefore particularly compatible, meets the requirements of the materials approved in Germany with the CE seal and the strict requirements of the Medical Devices Act. Everyone is talking about zircon and is currently experiencing its renaissance as a material for crowns, inlays and bridges.

Due to the material properties and the fact that the crowns are not veneered as non-precious metal crowns, the iKrone® is absolutely chip-proof (no chipping, no abrasion) and thus the perfect alternative to other non-precious metal solutions.

The iKrone® is manufactured exclusively in Germany, is characterized by excellent strength and stability and is available at a particularly affordable price. The iKrone® can be used in the anterior region and as a bridge with up to three units.

The advantages for the patient are obvious: a quality product of modern dental technology with great aesthetics and high durability at an extremely affordable price. And because we are so convinced of our own products, we give you a 5-year guarantee on this product instead of the regular 2 years as on all other IMEX products.

Find out more about our premium product iKrone® on the imex-zahnersatz.de website. You can also download our product data sheet for the iKrone® there, as well as all other product data sheets for our premium products.

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