IMEX® Asia

IMEX® Asia - Our 100% subsidiary in Shenzhen

In 2017 we succeeded in establishing our own production facility in Asia as a 100% subsidiary of the German Imex Dental und Technik GmbH®.


Unlike the joint ventures common in Asia, our production facility in Shenzhen is a 100% subsidiary of German IMEX Dental und Technik GmbH®.
Among other things, this means that our employees on-site are part of our global company and this branch can present itself as an independent company under the reknown brand name of IMEX®.

The relatively new option of the "Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise" (WFOE) instrument was used to establish IMEX® Asia, which enables foreign investors to act as owners and founders of domestic companies.

As the owner of IMEX® Asia, we can directly influence the production processes and quality guidelines. Investments are made in the right places without detours. As a result, networking and knowledge transfer between all production sites and headquarters has become crucial and is now optimized. Through extensive updates our IT by investing in new hardware and CRM software we were able to work processes as well as communication more efficient and effectively.

Newly designed structures and current equipment make our production facility part of the big picture. Our 140 employees are proud to be part of the German Dental Group, combined with the opportunity to learn from each other.


Under chinese management we also employ several German Technicians on site and provide for regular training seminars through German headquarters. Our sales scope has now widened to Honk Kong, Macau and shortly to Mainland China.  


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IMEX® Asia