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Welcome to the IMEX DENTAL Group

In the beginning, there was the idea to offer modern, quality-oriented dental prosthetics at top conditions. This remains true to this day.

At the time the company was founded in 1995, no one could have imagined that this idea would give rise to a company that, with several hundred employees, would not only become one of the largest providers of dentures, but also a provider of a unique range of services in the German dental market.

Today we combine various business and service branches under the umbrella of the IMEX DENTAL Group. From dentures to the dentist network DentNet to billing services for dental practices  our work is based on the highest quality standards.

As a dentist, as a patient or as a health insurance company, we are at your side as a high-performance dental company. But it's best to see for yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Sincerely yours

Torsten Ansmann and Uwe Landsberger
Imex Dental und Technik GmbH



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About the group